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2024 Honoring Excellence Recipients

“She is simply the best activity director I have known."-Stoey Stout

Activity Director

Brenda Welch

“Amazing at her job, Kristin takes care of all her behind-the-scenes responsibilities while being the face of the community.”
-Sophie Rich

Operations Coordinator

Kristen Ippoliti

"Recently, she even helped to repaint 90% of the common areas in the building and also sews for residents in her down time.”
-Kelly Ramey

Business Office Manager

Angela Ratcliff

“Rhonda told me that Maplewood is like a second home to her and that gives me relief to know my parent is in good caring hands.”
-Judith Jonke-Thrasher (family member)

Resident Service Assistant

Rhonda Dwyer, STNA

“Sandra consistently goes above and beyond their role, fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the team."
-Hope Martin

Resident Assistant

Sandra Crooks

“She has supported me and has helped me to continue to succeed as a wellness director. I've grown as a leader, and it has helped me with implementing new ideas with my own staff.
-Carrie Bales

Regional Wellness Support Nurse LPN

Mileena Hall, LPN

“Lindsay and her family started this community from the ground up. Here at OSL employees aren't just a number we are people the family know by name. They know the residents. We are different and it shows.”
-Whitney Osborne

Owner / CEO

Lindsay McLaughlin, RN

“She has worked in every role and is able to give direction and lead each manager. Gables Senior Living is truly lucky to have Theo Beers as such a dedicated employee for so many years.” Morgan Kirkpatrick

Executive Director

Theodora Beers

“There are so many leaders these days that forget why we are in the business we are in and I am happy and excited to say that I work for a leader who has never lost sight of that and has taken it one step further to ensure that every customer in any manner feels like family when they leave."
-Trisha Cook

Executive Director

Kyle Foulk

“Amy believes in the mission of providing quality, locally sourced foods to promote our residents overall brain health and well-being."
-Tammy Meyers

Executive Chef / Farm to Table Maestro

Amy McCray

“Danica builds integrity for what I show to our prospective families and residents. She cleans thoroughly with respect to their resident preferences. When she puts on her gloves and grabs her cart, she is in her zone.”
-Rhonda Johnston


Danica Ours

“Craig has been dedicated in providing excellent service and uses his engineering degree to better service our community. Craig’s attitude is always one of calmness; whatever the situation. Craig is the type of Maintenance Director you ALL want but WE have.”
-Kandi Hughes

Director of Maintenance

Craig Breedlove

“For five years, Casrine has worked to go above and beyond for her residents each and every day. She also helps out wherever she is needed and in any department.”
-Tammie Dillon

Caregiver - Memory Care

Casrine Thacker

“Shemika Morris has been a dedicated employee of Carriage Court for almost 15 years. She’s a director that leads by example... and her department has the highest staff retention rate with some of the longest tenured employees.”
-Sophie Rich

Memory Care Director

Shemika Morris

“Peggy has served Ohio Living Swan Creek since Oct 1999. She is approachable, kind, communicates well, helpful, has great time management, documents thoroughly, and every day that she is present is better with her than without.”
-Laura Smith

Charge Nurse

Peggy Martinez, LPN

“Tom's dedication and commitment... ...helped lead his team which began almost solely staffed by agency to be fully staffed with a clinical team of 42 nurses and aides. He also assisted to improve from a clinical quality compliance audit of 50% to 95% one year later (the highest clinical quality audit in the company).”
-Michael Whitley

Assistant Director of Nursing

Thomas Bosley, LPN

“In my 25 years of being an ED, she is by far the best Wellness Director I have ever worked with. Her positivity, passion and optimism mixed with her "get er done" attitude is what makes her an amazing person and leader. ”
-Tammy Denton

Wellness Director

Jackie Karkiewicz, LPN

“We had a family who needed immediate placement due to issues beyond their control. Tambi was here until after midnight assisting the family to get their loved one set up in an apartment. She made sure they would have a safe place to call home and put the family at ease.”
-Christina Sharp

Sales Manager

Tambi Spirk

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